: Land of Gastronomy

This little underrated province lying humbly on the Andaman Coast is filled with undiscovered secrets. Most tourists come for the islands, natural attractions and historical sites but many stays for food. There so many ways to get to know Trang but food offers the most appetizing access to learn more about this city and its culture.

Dig a little deeper into Southern Thai’s culture via your belly since food is such an important part of Thai’s culture. Discover an unknown flavours and learn more about the local foods and their secret recipes. Find out where are some of the best cafes and restaurants to eat and why they are frequented by the local. 

Trang is named the ‘Land of Gastronomy’ for a reason, a place where all the flavours meet. So you don’t want to miss out the food where the sense of welcome and contentment combine in every way

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