Adventure of A Lifetime: Khao Kop Cave

A true wonder of Trang, Khao Kop Cave, or commonly known as Tham Le Khao Kop, is one of the must-visit destinations especially if you simply are an adventure seeker. Located in Tambon Khao Kop, Trang province, Khao Kop Cave is truly a hidden gem of Thailand. Witness the lighting in the cave while watching the beauty of stalagmites and stalactites.

Hiking on Cloud Nine at Wang Paa Mek

Above 1600 meter sea level, Wang Pay Mek is a travel destination

for the hiking lover. Wake yourself up at 4 am in the morning and enjoy an hour fun hike up to the top of the mountain! A breath taking scenery that unforgettable!

The Splendid Cave of The World: Phu Pa Petch Cave

Phu Pa Petch Cave also known as Tham Phu Pa Petch is the talk of the town after being a well-kept secret for so long. This magnificent wonder is located in Manung district, Satun province. With its spacious 20,000 square meters room inside, there’s no doubt why Tham Phu Pa Petch is known as Thailand’s biggest cave and is ranked as the 4th biggest cave in the world. The inside of the cave is nothing less than spectacular especially when the sunlight radiating into the cave hitting stalactites and stalagmites. The sight is nothing but mesmerising.

Catch the Crab!

Watch millions of Fiddler crabs getting into a fist fight! Fiddler crabs, the creature of the sea, are intertidal animals which mostly spend their entire life living in mangrove forests or mudflats. Learn more about this fascinating creature and how it helps indicate a healthy ecosystem.      


What makes these crabs unique is the fact that the male Fiddler crabs only have one enlarged claw while females have two tiny little claws. So you can imagine that when the males are fighting, it just looks exactly a sword fight!


Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this rare sight as not so many people know about this fight of the century.


Get your adrenaline and your blood rushing on the 2 hours rafting journey. Join us on the white-water rafting trip in Satun province. Bask in the sun and nature. You will get to experience an ultimate peaceful scenery along the way while paddling through the crystal clear water of Khlong Lam Lon, Satun’s main canal, surrounded by lush tropical jungle. This is surely will be a pleasant ride. After the adrenaline rush, it’s time for a 2-hour cooking class. You will learn how to prepare and cook an authentic Southern Thai cuisine by the Thai food expert.