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Enjoy a Rubbery Experience at the Rubber Land Plantation

Ever wonder how tires, surgeons’ gloves, balloons or even condoms are made? 

Travel back in time to explore the origin of a rubber farm in Thailand and get your firsthand experience on the making of rubber and learn more about rubber that reflects Thai culture, wisdom and lifestyle. 

Ride a Saleng (local three wheel bike) in style into the rubber plantation and get an authentic feel of being a real rubber farmer by dressing as one while shadowing them into action! 

Find out how to get a fresh latex from the original source and more about how it’s made and processed. You will also get to craft your masterpiece from the latex and take it home with you as a souvenir.

Visit the Maniq, the Tarzan of Thailand

Visit the Maniq community in Satun. The Maniq tribe, most widely-known in Thailand as Sakai, is one of the jungle tribes lived in the deep jungle of Satun province, Thailand. The Maniq is a closed community and is considered the expert on herbalism and dart-hunting. You will get the chance to learn the exotic way of living of the Maniq by visiting their huts made from bamboo with roofs made of of banana leaves. 

Dreaming of becoming a real hunter? This is your chance! You also have the chance to witness the renowned dart hunting!

Go on A Hunt for Edible Bird Nests

Go on the adventure at the edible bird nest condominium. See the wonder of the modern nest farming and learn how the man-made purpose-built house attracts swiftlets while you discover how these delicate and precious nests are processed. 

Experience the authentic taste of the edible bird nests hand-picked just for you. These exquisite edible bird nests are considered to be the source of various medical qualities and probably the most sought after aphrodisiac in Asia with a price up to $2000 per kilogram!

Witness Brahminy Kites in Action!

Welcome to the Southern part of Thailand, the home to the flocks of Brahminy Kite also known as red-backed sea-eagle nestled in the mangrove forest. The Brahminy Kite is the middle-sized bird of prey with its distinctive and color scheme (their head, neck, chest are pristine white while their wings, belly and tai are chestnut brown) 

Learn more about these fascinating creatures and catch them in action. Observe these resident raptors swooping down catching their preys and gliding along the unspoiled coast of the mangrove forest.

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